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the unfairness of being male by lost prophet on 2002-02-17 13:56:34

well how 2 start, being a man seems 2 be the single most u fair thing ever, where 2 start? Jobs, that'll do. if all thing were equaly between 2 people going 4 a job the woman wud get it, not just because the bos mite like her ass, the boss wud be so scared of beign give the 'sexist' label that the woman wud get the job soooo easily dating, we men hav 2 chat the girl up, ask her out, try 2 pull her, try 2 seduce her, ask her 2 marry us, and all the time risking the gut wrenching heart breaking feeling of rejection. dammit why cant they ask us out and come on2 us????? i hav no idea, all they seem 2 need 2 do is sit there lookin pretty understanding women, not a chance there. pre-menstrual tension, meanstrual tension, post-menstrual tension, dammit they always seems 2 be tense. and th emixed singal u get from them annoys me aswell. sum girl likes me and i was veing really nice 2 her coz i kinda like her aswell. she asked me if i was just doing it 2 make out with her, she thought i wud do that and leave her. well so i laid off the niceness a bit, seemed the rite thing 2 do. well now she thinks i dont like her and i hav 2 try and chat her up all over gai, adn now she is soooo suspicius of me, and it really annoys me well thaats about it. if any femenists (or anybody else for that matter) want 2 slag this topic off then go ahead, iwant 2 c wat people think of wat i hav 2 say, go ahead, be rude, say wat u want, i dont care PS, there must be sum typos here, so just try 2 guees wat i mean

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Re: the unfairness of being male by Wash! on 2002-02-18 05:04:51  |  Reply to this
  Typos? I've seen a demented saber tooth tigers write better English than you! Maybe even 'Prendy' could give you a run for your money! Sorry, fella, harsh, but fair. On the woman front, you maybe should have told her you liked her when she asked. Or said something like: I like you a lot but i don't just want to make out with you. If you never tell her you like her, nothing will ever happen. If you tell her, and she rejects you, well, it was never meant to be in the first place! Adios!
Re: the unfairness of being male by -rac-hel-- on 2002-02-18 06:28:48  |  Reply to this
  dude, are you crazy? if it weren't for women i doubt men would even know how to wipe their own asses. (and im right cuz 10 bux says your mom taught you that) plus, how can you say us girls should come on to you once in a while? because we DO, well maybe not to you, but that may not be just because you're a guy. it's extremely retarded of you to say that... i mean dammit! we're the ones who have to bleed for a week a month BETWEEN OUR LEGS, how the hell would you like to bleed out of the end of your cock for a week a month and have to shove a little wad of cotton up there to stop it!? or on the matter, WE GIVE GODDDAMN BIRTH. how the fuck would you like a head the size of a damn canteloupe coming out of the end of your DICK? dude, get the fuck over it and be happy people dont judge you by how big your breasts are.
Re: Re: the unfairness of being malard by Wash! on 2002-02-18 07:33:20  |  Reply to this
  Wow. I'm no woman, but... er... respect! Oh, and calm down a touch, too!
Re: Re: Re: the unfairness of being malard by --rac-hel-- on 2002-02-18 07:41:50  |  Reply to this
  oi... sorry (: but im serious... guys think they have it so bad, but they don't
Re: Re: Re: Re: the unfairness of being malard by Kid on 2002-02-18 09:45:48  |  Reply to this
  *leaves his evolutionary psychology seminar and comes here. Scratches his head, shrugs his shoulders and enjoys*.

No, really. I did all that.

Re: Re: the unfairness of being male by Kid. on 2002-02-18 10:04:42  |  Reply to this
  Remember the following.

1. Men have no control over the fact that they like a nice pair of breasts. They do have control of their eyes though.
2. Women may have the harder side of the physical bargain, but remember the benefits you get from this. You should be treated as a queen for the pains you have to suffer. If you're not, you should find a man who will. You have that choice.
3.'Bux' not only looks ugly but is incorrect. A little effort?
4. Women not only talk to each other more (they do. Fact. I don't mean that in a bad way, but they do.) than men, but they also use gesture-insinuation in a way that takes a while to learn to read. I can't do it yet. Don't be so hard on others who can't.
5. Romance isn't dead, but it is dying.....

"....wear sunscreen. If I could offer you only one tip for the future...."
Re: Re: Re: the unfairness of being male by Kid. on 2002-02-18 10:05:07  |  Reply to this
  It ought to be close your tags. But isn't.