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WasH! by The complete lack of Shlong! on 2002-02-19 08:32:58

I mean, where d'he go? Not back to th 16th century again, I hope! If you read this, Shlong... we miss you! Well, not really, but we're bored and want to hear how things are up in (beautiful) Yorkshire. So reply, hijo de puta!

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Re: WasH! by Kid. on 2002-02-19 08:59:15  |  Reply to this
  Note the 'your name' and 'topic subject' bits, fella.
Re: WasH! by lost prophet on 2002-02-19 09:11:33  |  Reply to this
  WHO THE HELL IS SHLONG??? i will go now, shud be doing sum geography coursework