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lets jazz up potatoe by lost prophet on 2002-02-26 08:13:29

this site rules and so on, but it looks a bit boring. it is just black text on a grey backgorund. if anyone who reads this has any influence over this site then could they please make it look a bit cooler, thanx

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Re: lets jazz up potatoe by Guess Who on 2002-02-26 08:45:22  |  Reply to this
  What are your color preferences? It is possible for you to see many different colors without potatoe's web-master lifting a finger. Dissolve highly refined LSD under your tongue. About two hours later type your comments regarding screen color, vibrating text, 3 dimensional pictures and so forth in this column "lets jazz up potatoe". We will all be interested in what you have to say not only for a good laugh but also to see the fascinating sensations generated by your psyche.
Re: Re: lets jazz up potatoe by lost prophet on 2002-02-26 09:47:56  |  Reply to this
  well, seeming as i hav no LSD 2 hand i will just try 2 remember various trippy stuff i hav expercienced as an effect of weed and vodka. hmmmm..... well bright green mixed with royal blue always seems 2 pop up in my hed wen i think:drunkeness. blak bakground with red txt that flickers is another gd thing. hav u got windowns XP, coz the media player on that puts up sum really trippy ambient swirling colours that go with the music. sum of them mooving aroung in the bakground wud also b kool.
Re: lets jazz up potatoe by Amelia on 2002-03-01 15:59:47  |  Reply to this
  Or just reset your browser preferences. Wacky!