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parent: who r u?

Re: who r u? by JohnnyG on 2002-03-14 22:53:20

I'm up late tonight and here I am contributing relatively nothing to potatoe. I would however like to know more about the personas regularly submitting. I have lapsed contributing input for some time& it seems appropriate to seek some biographical info from those regualrly visiting. I would simply like to know more about everyone. I'm inquisitive by nature and in constant need of stimulating material to keep me ahhhh.....motivated?? Well anyway life for me in Austin right now is less than inspiring and yet I have had more work served to me than should be legally allowed. I'm solving problems for people whom I don't respect or admire yet have enormous amounts of the earth's scarce resources locked up in trusts, bank accounts, stocks,annuities and other secure monetary vehicles. I get a piece of the action thrown to me in tiny scraps but these people don't have to work for it. They play golf on a daily basis, belong to exclusive clubs, drive a different BMW, Jaguar or Mercedes weekly and relax without a care on the weekends at their hill country haciendas. My question now becomes should I take a moral dive in the shit and become more like them or runaway to God knows where and resolve to believe that the material world is not as important as......well.....What????? I would like to add that my ideal is to be somewhere I can read good fiction without interuption for a very long and undisturbed time. Of course with some pleasurable requisites during intermission which I will leave to your imagination.

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Re: Re: who r u? by pima on 2002-03-15 11:46:44  |  Reply to this
  ... it seems like you already dove in, my friend! So, the question is: How long will you remain there? and, how far will you go? You seem to have a good sense of the moral imperatives involved -- so you're ahead of the game I think. If you start feeling like a slut on ANY level, then, you're selling out... Desires and cravings never go away -- and, as I just wrote a friend: if you cross one 'want' off your list, TEN MORE will pop up in their stead! It's endless... for me, tiresome and laughable. Anyway, it sounds to me like you just want a vacation. 'Kid' has many good things to say about the UK -- go to the English countryside and read your ass off! Bon Voyage!
Re: Re: Re: who r u? by JohnnyG on 2002-03-15 12:53:34  |  Reply to this
  I have my hand out for what is due my performance. Today I have chosen not to do anything so I will have twice as much on my plate Saturday-->I'm nursing a hangover today. (Alcohol seems to punish me unfairly) I will remain in this position until I can fully develop my other options (1>more year). My long term goal is crazy but I like to dream. Found a school for K-12 with high standards, small classes and hire truly motivated & inspired teachers. Concentrate on Art/Science and receive magnet school status to subsidize tuition with property tax funds. I can't figure out if I want to be principal or just hire out and be a regent type figure. In my travels to Europe/England, I now have an open invitation to stay in a beautiful cottage house outside Twyford (W of London on a rail to Reading--->quick commute to the city) with a good friend and his family. I also have an invitation to visit Oakland with travel to Muir woods for a camping trip in April.Friends to visit in Dallas, San Antonio and Dripping Springs TX.......and no plans or time to do anything yet. The English countryside is very beautiful and I'd love to be there now, just need unlimited resources and someone to do my work for me.
Re: Re: Re: Re: who r u? by happy o'lucky on 2002-03-16 12:02:26  |  Reply to this
  Alcohol does NOT punish you unfairly! -- as a wise being once said: You are not enjoying your sense pleasures... your sense pleasures are enjoying YOU!