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parent: who r u?

Re: who r u? by tommie on 2002-03-15 16:46:39

I am older than Tater but younger than God. I live in the southernmost part of Alabama, love my woman and my Harley, am gainfully employed and have never (yet) been to prison.

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Re: Re: who r u? by JohnnyG on 2002-03-15 20:47:13  |  Reply to this
  Say, you wouldn't happen to know the owner of the Florabama club in Gulf Shores would ya? I'd like to get an insiders discount for ordering some of them fancy t-shirts they be selling these days. I'd also like to find out the dates of the bloody mary slam and fish toss contests this summer.
Re: Re: Re: who r u? by tommie on 2002-03-16 05:32:03  |  Reply to this
  I live about 25 miles from Gulf Shores. I do not personally know the owner, but I am planning on riding there tomorrow for a charity benefit. (I will not go if it storms, but the outlook is good at this time.) I'll let you know by Monday. How did you know about the Florabama?
Re: Re: Re: Re: who r u? by JohnnyG on 2002-03-16 08:57:12  |  Reply to this
  I travel pretty extensively and have done so for the past 8 years out of college. Traveling I-10 from California to Florida during one 6 week sojourn my friends and I detoured from Mobile down to Gulf Shores. It was late August or early Sept and very few touristas in this beach community, we enjoyed great weather and awesome seafood. The Florabama was a local beach bums recommendation. We partied there 2 consecutive nights. Loose redneck women (redneck=term of endearment) and free-flowing drinks reasonably priced. At the Florabama we bought t-shirts that only a proud redneck would wear. It seems like we met someone claiming to be the owner of this undomesticated southern restaurant/club but some people after a few drinks will tell you they slept in the Lincoln bedroom with the president's wife. Anyhow, I simply got to thinking about the Florabama/Pensacola/Gulf Shores since I remember having a damn fine time in the southernmost parts of Alabama. Let me know of some fancy t-shirts you may have noticed and if you do meet the owner(s) does he have a ZZ top beard, bald with long hair growing fom the sides of his scalp (brownish/grey) appearing to be mid-50's and with an inclination to pinch the behind of bikini clad women.
Re: Re: Re: who r u? by Ben Dover on 2002-03-18 19:09:44  |  Reply to this