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parent: who r u?

Re: who r u? by Amelia on 2002-03-17 15:56:54

I'm the same age as Tater, in fact we went to high school together in California in the 1970s. Now I live in New York City where I am a professional geek wrangler at a big publishing company. I spend way too much time on the Internet, but it has been very, very good to me.

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Re: Re: who r u? by JohnnyG on 2002-03-17 23:17:22  |  Reply to this
  A cohort of mine worked for Ziff-Davis. I think he was delivered a big nugget of cash in a buyout not long ago and now he pays for dinner, not lunch mind you, for the crew no questions asked. I never hear anything negative said about him now.
Re: Re: who r u? by l on 2002-03-18 08:59:31  |  Reply to this
Re: Re: who r u? by lost prophet on 2002-03-18 09:00:05  |  Reply to this
  hmm, i see that potatoe appeals to a wide variety of ages
Re: Re: Re: who r u? by electra on 2002-03-18 11:31:27  |  Reply to this
  EXACTLY!! -- a 'chat room' we are not! If you can think and put pen to paper... Ta-ra!