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Falling In Love Again.... by Kid. on 2002-03-22 13:22:32

A friend of mine noticed today on the telephone, or a least he mentioned that I was sounding a lot happier than a week ago. And I was shocked.
Not in a bad way. Happiness is only a bad thing in the hands of evil. But, shocked that having been home only a week my mood had lightened so much.
So, I try to theorise as to why I might be happier. Here we go. I thought I'd make todays easier...

I can speak freely up here, without the threat of treading on anyone's toes - because everyone up here is so straight that they don't care.
My accent will have completely reverted to normal, and anything I've picked up will be being ironed out.
My routine that has seen me through so long has been re-initiated.
I've seen everybody in my immediate family (Mother, father, Paternal grandmother, maternal grandfather) except my Grandma who bakes since Wednesday morning. That's 72 hours, less than.
I don't know, I just feel less pressure, less to do, less demands on my time.
I've fallen in love again to those dreadful Crane brothers and the voice of Michael Stipe.

There's just a few things missing. Speaking of which, d.- has been missing for a few days, and I do miss her.....so other than that sorrow, I'm on fairly good form.

Oh, and I've got a good book.

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Re: Falling In Love Again.... by kojack on 2002-03-24 13:01:13  |  Reply to this
  ... missing? -- I know where he dumped the body...
Re: Re: Falling In Love Again.... by Kid. on 2002-03-24 14:14:10  |  Reply to this
  Boy, do I feel bad. There are other words, but they shall wait.