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Well fffuuuuck me! by dido on 2002-03-26 11:16:42

Lance fucking-boy-band Bass is going to go up in space as a 'space tourist'!! So I ask you: WHAT KIND OF WORLD ARE WE FUCKING GOD-DAMN LIVING IN?????!!!!!

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(This Is Presuming That Lance Is In N-Sync, Or Some Such) by Kid. on 2002-03-26 11:43:09  |  Reply to this
  Neither a singer nor an astronaut I, but yet I purvey these opinions. It seems that space has been a dream of the holiday maker for many a year. It is only right therefore that the first such beast to sample it be somebody who has no (I guess, I don't know) particular astronomical/logical expertise. It would be stupid to send somebody such as John Glen (though he did a similar thing, right?) so they go for a nincompoop fool. Just think of the publicity.

In answer to the question, we live in a world that is getting ever more greedy and cynical.

Re: Well fffuuuuck me! by Amelia on 2002-03-27 09:28:36  |  Reply to this
  Publicity is not what human space flight needs. Money is. The Russians, not having had any fatal spacecraft blow-ups featuring civilian passengers (cough! cough!) are willing to take them along if they pay the big bucks (or the royal rubles, or whatever). They have already had at least one civilian passenger, and I believe there are a couple of other Americans in training who are rich but not famous.
Re: Well fffuuuuck me! by tommie on 2002-03-27 18:59:49  |  Reply to this
  Maybe soon!
Re: Well fffuuuuck me! by [no name] on 2002-03-28 04:42:01  |  Reply to this
  Damn! The link I gave above is already disabled! Try this one.