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burning CDs by lost prophet on 2002-03-29 06:20:21

reading the new stuf on the home page about the senate having gerater crackdown on poeple who copy stuff i was a bit worried, if that stuff happened in england and they got a tip off about me and searched my room they wud find about 50 copied CDs/MDs. i wud buy all my music myself if i could-origanls are much better than copies-but at about 15 a CD i can't afford it. charging 15 for something that probably cost about 1 to make is stupid, and copying CDs will bring down the prices--hopefully. am i the only 1 who copies everything that they can get their hands on?

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Re: burning CDs by lost prophet on 2002-03-29 06:21:16  |  Reply to this
  just adding something, alomst all of my friends have at least 2 copied CDs, they cant put us all in prison so wat the hell can they do?
Re: burning CDs by Kid on 2002-03-29 09:19:06  |  Reply to this
  I'm not certain I've got any copied CDs.....as for Minidiscs, only a few album that I don't have. I just prefer to buy music, and the stuff I go out and buy is not stuff that is easily found (add that to the fact that a lot of it is limited edition (Generally TN) stuff, so the value spirals). MP3s, however are a whole different story.