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Re: Re: The marvel of Pot Noodles by OH NO! on 2002-05-05 20:08:06

Me thinks you have violated the Vegemite Disclaimer & Copyright & Trademark notice on at least 2 issues. 1) DISCLAIMER This Site is for residents of Australia only. Use of this Site is governed by the laws of Victoria, Australia. 2) COPYRIGHT and TRADEMARKS The contents, source code and layout of the internet site (this Site) are Copyright Kraft or are used by Kraft under licence. "Kraft", "Vegemite" and "Happy Little Vegemites" are the registered trademarks of Kraft Foods Limited (ACN 004 125 071). You may access and display these pages on a computer or a monitor and print out for your personal use any whole page or pages in this Site. All other use, copying or reproduction of any part of this Site is prohibited. Without limiting the foregoing, no part of this Site may be reproduced on any Internet site or extranet or linked to by an Internet site, or otherwise provided to a third party without the prior written consent of Kraft.' Oh I fear now that the Vegemite lawyers and government of Victoria Australia shall be after us very soon. I may have to sue you for unjustly leading us to this site, and horrific crime. God help you. God help us all!

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