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parent: Religiosity...

Re: Religiosity... by Ozzie Osbourne on 2002-05-06 13:00:26

Hell hath no fury like Ozzie scorned. When speaking of such matters include me in the picture. I may be a bit impotent as the bloody prince of darkness but I still hold sway regarding these sorts of topics. I should like you to know I now have the world's most powerful leader under my influence these days. Viacom chairman Sumner Redstone simply took a hit of my one-hit wonder ganja and offered me $20 bloody million American dollars to do nothing more than rant & rave in an overblown mansion. I'm a pretty good conversationalist with the wife and kids around the Beverly Hills home set but to be paid an amount equal to the total annual foreign aid received by Madagascar requires some wickedly bloody black magic. I still got the keys to my 'Crazy Train' and I'm riding that bloody thing til the end mates.

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