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parent: The marvel of Pot Noodles

QUORN comes to America! by Amelia on 2002-05-12 20:39:24

So last week my sister in California casually mentions a delicious dinner of myco-proteins, and I immediately begin to squeal into the phone, "You mean, Quorn?!" So she goes, "Yeah," so I go, "I thought that stuff was only in Europe," and she goes, "No way, I got it right in town." So I went to www.quorn.com to see what was what and they told me that I could now buy Quorn at my own local Whole Foods afilliate. So tonight I go over and ask for some Quorn, since I don't see it in the freezer case. And the juice bar guy starts showing me corn. So I'm all like, "No, it starts with a Q!" So he gets his manager, and she gets her manager, and they all stare at the freezer case, and then finally the other guy gets a look on his face and he goes down in the basement and comes back with a case of Quorn Nuggets. So the juice bar guy goes, "Oh you mean the Q-corn! That there is the Q-corn!" And I'm like, "Whatever, dude." So finally I got me a box of Quorn nuggets (and some spirulina powder and Veggie Booty and organic pears) and I went home and nuked them up and spread duck sauce on them and now I can only say, "Quorn rocks!"

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Re: QUORN comes to America! by Kid. on 2002-05-13 06:20:16  |  Reply to this
  Yes! The world is surely a better place to live now!

If only a little, but each and every little better is still better than before. Right?