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parent: stupididty

Re: stupididty by Avi on 2002-06-13 03:46:09

There is something disturbing about this topic. What would you like us to do about the situation lp? Which intelligent politician would you rather be prez? My thought is that a politician, by his very nature, conforms to the whim of public opinion so as to enjoy office over again, nullifying much of his use for brain power. If they try to know everything and formulate policies in all cabinet and executive branch arenas micromanagement would become an issue with negative policy impact and political fuel for opposition leaders. Can anyone name the American prez with the highest IQ? Possibly Jefferson, Lincoln may also since he was the first to receive a patent for an aid in making a boat partially amphibious. The stupidest may have been Hoover. Bush has good blood flow to the brain due to strenuous exercise everyday. His problem with public speaking using 3

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Re: Re: stupididty by lost prophet on 2002-06-13 11:53:13  |  Reply to this
  well that was a complicated reply to say the least, '....executive branch arenas micromanagement would become an issue with negative policy impact ' (huh?!?!?!?)anyway, to add to my original topic i find it a bit dissapointing that the most powerful nation in the world has a leader that has come out with quotes like "It's clearly a budget, it's got a lot of numbers in it" and "Will the highways on the Internet become more few?" i dont know enough about politics on your side of the atlantic so i cant suggest an alternative POTUS, but i thought clinton was a cool president and the one who stopped the cuban missle crisis (regan? i think it was him, it was ages before my time so i dont know) was probably the best. i was pleasantly surprised that bush didnt nuke afganistan post sept. 11th, i suppose he's not that bad
Re: Re: Re: stupididty by Avi on 2002-06-14 07:30:10  |  Reply to this
  I have trouble with self editing and don't mind typing thoughts rapidly. I am long winded because of that. By the way, would anyone like to read my thoughts on the use of the derivative and integral in everyday problem solving? Possibly you'd like to read about my sexual encounters with an agreeably attractive brunette woman? My goal in the latter would not be so much to stimulate graphically as just to inform you of the unusually sensual nature of her whisperings in my ear.
Re: Re: Re: Re: stupididty by lost prophet on 2002-06-14 08:30:44  |  Reply to this
  Yes! tell us more