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parent: Tea.

Re: Tea. by Isandhlwana on 2002-07-27 14:12:04

Hey, Spaff-hound. You might like to try... (a) putting a little bergamot or other citrus in your tea; (b) making your own lemon and ginger tea with...er...lemon and ginger (it's great, but then you know how much I love the stuff anyway, or; (c) REMEMBERING THAT TODAY'S MY FUCKING BIRTHDAY YOU FUCKING CUNT!!!!!! Still, good to see your witticisms - I'll call you real soon. Yours aye, Big C.

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Re: Re: Tea. by Wash! on 2002-07-30 02:16:49  |  Reply to this
  Happy Birthday Big C!!! I'll kick Kid's ass for you. Wash!