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parent: Stains.

Re: Stains. by stainmistress d.- on 2002-08-25 13:09:39

My dad and his wife are moving to N. Carolina and in the garage they found four boxes of my stuff from years ago -- books, old love letters, journals et al. I went page by page, piece of paper by piece of paper... and then -- I came across a two-page pull-out section from: Family Circle magazine (3/16/82). It's titled: "The Best Stain Removal Guide Ever" by Al Ubell. It's simple and self-explanatory, those who've responded to your query earlier were quite correct in needing more info from you. You really DO need to know two things: 1) what type of stain is it? and, 2) what is the fabric? Not knowing either of these I can't write you here with the chart I've got on-hand. Check their archives??? Good luck! d.-

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