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parent: your gay

Re: your gay by lost prophet on 2002-10-06 07:22:44

Reading this topic brought me back to the good old times of year 5 (I would have been about 10) when everybody 1st discoverd what gay meant. For about a month the class would use gay as the 1 and only insult. This stopped abrupty when the smart kid in the class replied 'yes i am happy' to the insult, and went on to explain the 2nd meaning of the word. The class left gay and moved on to something else.....dickhead or gimp if i remember rightly, twas a long time ago.

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Re: Re: your gay by Kid. on 2002-10-06 11:16:15  |  Reply to this
  And now, now you are that smart kid....

Surely they moved onto 'twat', though?
Re: Re: Re: your gay by lp on 2002-10-06 14:24:34  |  Reply to this
  No, twat was before. By now the insults are much more intelligent, but also worse; eg: 'you social retard don't you realise that the whole school laughs at you because you are such a wannabe rocker, you idiot, go by a life rather than weed' I felt a bit bad for saying that one by the way, but it was all true though.
Re: Re: Re: Re: your gay by Kid. on 2002-10-21 09:06:07  |  Reply to this
  I look forward to when you don't have to insult people. That time will come.

I await in myself too.