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parent: sex

Re: sex by Mandy on 2002-11-07 18:00:06

rehan, the main objective of sex between human primates is reproduction. You may state "Herman my spurting German sperm donor boyfriend is always pressuring me to have sex (intercourse) but insists the rhythym method will prevent impregnation". Herman is lying biologically when he says such a thing. He does not want the financial burden a human suckling entails but the genetic greed of nature and it's billion year reign, conquers such simplemindedness. No matter, the ultimate responsibility for shouldering the burden is you. Nature has provided the orgasm to richly reward Herman's 7 minutes of red faced rutting while you have just warmed up enough to enter the "excitment phase" of reproductive arousal. Quite unfair! Wonder why the "Anna Nicole Smith" show is popular among women age 16-38? Nature's saying "For all the bullshit you'll have to put up with, get involved with a rich man". Your burden will be eased by an immeasurable magnitude hooking up with a boy who's got superior material resources. Good luck honey, M

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