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Cleaning Out My Closet. by Kid on 2002-11-19 04:13:42

I've just spent a whole morning (7.30-ish until now, 12.20) first working on something, but at about 8 I realised I needed to find a text, so I searched my room, and have ended up trawling through my life over the last 4 or 5 years. Throwing a lot of stuff away, filing away a lot of work, realising I still have a collection of Tin-Tin postcards, all the while listening to albums I would have done before this whole responsibility thing hit home.

I've just...so many memories, so many demons I've cast outside...I found Wash & I's first visit to Potatoe.com, a conversation via the medium of NERD, that worked better than it ought to have...I found all my incoming correspondence over the last few years - just a two month series and a couple of letters off my mum & grandma - except for the jokey e-mails of friends...I feel drained, like I've lived five years in one day. My legs are weak, my mind's all a-fluster. I realise I should have put this elsewhere now...

I feel like the Coldplay song
1: http://lancaster.virtuetv.com/clients/virtuetv/outsideline/coldplay/everythingsnotlost.wma
'Everything's Not Lost'
and I like it. I like it a lot. More this feeling, a cross between melancholy, emptiness and clean slate than the song, but I like them both.

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Re: Cleaning Out My Closet. by Kid. on 2002-11-19 04:16:01  |  Reply to this
  In fact, without realising, I chose exactly the bit I needed, save the lines "I'll be counting up my demons, hoping everything's not lost". And it worked, too, without making an arse of myself.
Re: Cleaning Out My Closet. by Wash! on 2002-11-19 04:44:29  |  Reply to this
  You go, girlfriend! I remember the conversation well, and i remember printing out for a good half hour in W16! Then reading it on the way home chez moi before an ass kicking on FIFA! Its good to do what you did every once in a while. I tend to do it every year on returning home from uni. Then file everything, letters, souvenirs, memories, all in a cupboard, but never lost nor forgotten. But when you say demons, is it James Smithson to whom you refer??? PS: Kid, email me your uni home address. Cheers, Wash!
Re: Re: Cleaning Out My Closet. by Kid. on 2002-11-19 04:46:36  |  Reply to this
  No, unfortunately my demons are not James Smithson - Oh, for a life that uncomplicated, and I'll tag the address onto my already written e-mail, I just put it in drafts instead of sending it.
Re: Cleaning Out My Closet. by Amelia on 2002-11-19 09:36:22  |  Reply to this
  Coldplay? I thought this thread was going to be about Eminem.