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parent: Join Me in Blaming Canada!

Re: Join Me in Blaming Canada! by Mr. Crisco, fizz ed. teacher at Wanker Jr. High on 1999-09-22 19:24:27

Do a push up Oprah and you know what's worse than your mammy pickin' cotton??? Peter Jennings is a CANADIAN, I blame his snotty assed, hypocritical Jeans...er what'd Pedro Grande (from Mexico, no dowbt) say? Jennings dissed the Prez of the US and you ALL fell for it! YOU BOUGHT A CANADIAN HIGH SCHOOL DROPOUT"S, WHOOSE BEEN MARRIED 5 TImES, To teenaged girls, bullcrap. Suckers! He sat there and dissed your President and you were so slug-washed by the hype that you bought it. Oh, I looked it up, Pedro Grande means BIG PETER in Spanish. Now go back to Ricki fat ass Lake and give me the 5 o'clock news, not the Jennings Canadian cross-dresser, homewrecker announcements..... Hey Montel, you can certainly stop wearing the eye-make up. We already know about you,....GUY! And Dolly Parton shouldn't fart in a cab, she might blow off her cocaine and get fat and ugly.......

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