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Re: Re: U.S.A : Wars-R-Us by JohnnyG on 2003-01-12 11:17:27

Wearing black, and I mean every article of clothing xcept my boxer briefs(I find boxer briefs breathe easier than tightie whities and conform to the contours of my butt & torso providing a bit of support and little slippage when I'm doing "The Twist" unlike typical boxers which slip and turn and even strangulate blood flow during my unusual style of locomotion) were black on the night of my declaration against suffering. Obviously wearing black, in my case anyway, impacts my emotional state and I'm sure friends & neighbors would say it reflects it as well. However, even though I'm wearing a red shirt and blue pants at this very moment, I still find what was written satisfying to my humaneness and though it seems a bit redundant and somehow grandiose, I would not change a single word unless threatened with torture. Since wars cause suffering I must submit that I am against war. There are exceptions of course. There are always exceptions. I would like to amend my statement and include the line "I am against any action that a government may take to proactively and unprovokedly kill humans as this will add high levels of misery to those suffering the loss of the human beings killed. If these human beings are not killed but wounded, well, that increases their suffering and those who care for them especially if they have lost mobility due to missing limbs, spinal injury or just general nervous system signals of outstanding pain"

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