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.. by ... on 2003-01-17 01:55:36

today i got constipation and it wouldn't come out..I then got sutck in a hail storm going to work, got to work, they were on break, didn't open the doors for an hour...came in, and took of my jacket, my walet had fallen out in the gutters....I lost 500 dollars... I sat down on my chair, and suddenly, I stoof up to get a coffee, and my pants got caught on the chair, and it pulled my pants and boxers down..thank god no one saw, but then i remembered taking a laxative to get rid of my constipation...i then farted, and all this green watery shit sprayed all over the place...it got all over my new computer and busted it... This day sucked..i went home and had sex with my partner, but we did the backdoor way, and as soon as he pulled out, I farted again and green watery shit sprayed in his face and bubbled out of my ass.... I blamed....................my parents and Canada

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