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parent: been a while

Re: been a while by Wash! on 2003-01-28 11:32:46

GOAU!!!!!!!! Wicked to see you here, buddy! Hope you come back often! Some things i havent done for ages are as follows: 1.Spoken English (1 day) 2.Been rat-arsed to the extent of memory loss (Sunday after Christmas - with GAOU) 3.Laundry (6 weeks) 4.Been to Hillsborough (3 years) 5.Vomitted (11th June last year) 6.Been attached (3 months to the day) 7.Drank vodka and tonic and port (see 2.) 8.Had an English pint of beer (3 weeks) 9.Had a yank in my apartment (2 days - yes, a "yank") 10.Hugged GOAU (3weeks)

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