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parent: Humans - who made them? Why?

Re: Humans - who made them? Why? by Well on 1999-08-10 11:37:22

go backwards. start with Why? what purpose do humans serve? are they pollinators like bees? or is it teleological to talk about "purpose"? is there a Why? was it an accident?

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Re: Re: Humans - who made them? Why? by You know darn well who on 1999-08-10 13:43:18  |  Reply to this
  Why Tater! You're facilitating discussion! That is so proactive of you!
The rest of us seem to be taking advantage of your server for our own sproadic, interactive journal.
So maybe that does answer the question of "why" in your particular case: to provide nice scripts for lazy folk to communicate.
Re: Humans - who made them? Why? by Brock on 1999-08-11 08:15:27  |  Reply to this
  It's all a bunch off volitile gasses and chemicals. trust me. you havn't heard my dad after eating mexican... to question whether a person has purpose or not seems a silly question to me. there's no purpose. say... you go to work to make money. we'll assume you're not doing whatever it is you do out of cherity. your purpose is to make money and pay for crap you wan't/will get/can't afford. what kind of purpose is that though?? so lets put it another way. you work to have the means to purchase a home. protection from the elements. we work to sustain a way of living. our purpose is to be death-fearing and keep our selves and our families alive. maybe not... in all actuallity, nobody has a purpose. we just make up things that sound important as we go along and try not to depress ourselves with thinking about the fact that there's nothing we can do individually that would alter the course of the rest of the worlds mundane, daily all-important tasks, such as wiping baby's asses and packing school lunches. filling our cars with gas, and rotating our tires. picking up grandma from the airport for visits. maybe our purpose is to do our best to just enjoy things despite all the man-made complexities. (i.e. money, school, jobs, taxes, acid-reflux, aids, and those ratty old bread twister ties that take 5 minutes to un-do.) all i know is that by my writing this, and you reading it, i've played a role in your life. i've sucked a few minutes away from you while you read what i've had to say, and no matter how much of what i typed was total garbage, if you really read this whole thing, i can't imagine you're too dissatisfied with the way you've entertained yourself in the last couple minutes of your life. blah blah blah... in short: humans made themselves, because humans like sex. any arguments with that??