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Toilet Graffiti by Skiddy on 2003-02-14 05:39:45

Whilst taking a break from work to relieve my achig ring, i harkened upon a great piece of witty graffiti which i would like to share with you. "If someone asked me to name some geniuses, i wouldn't say einstein...I'd say Milligan,Cleese and Everett" I think you'd apprieciate that Kid! So what i ask is for people to tell of their best bit of graffiti or their own personal genii. Wash, filthy and evil genii don't count! Mine would be 1)Eusebio 2)Roy Evans 3)Stan "the maniac" Collymore

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Re: Toilet Graffiti by Kid on 2003-02-14 13:05:00  |  Reply to this
  My favourite graffiti remains the constant on 1980s church posters. Following the "Jesus saves" on the board, some wag would generally write "but Beardsley converts the rebound". I always liked that. But other than that? I've got a photo of, sprayed on an underpass wall "Poom". That's quite good. As for genii?

1. Richard Beckinsale.
2. Leonard Rossiter.
3. Lesley Phillips. Well, they're the 3 comic legends I choose. Note Beckinsale is only a comedy acting legend, he was a beautiful man to boot.

Re: Toilet Graffiti by Wash on 2003-02-14 15:57:47  |  Reply to this
  We were talking about toilet graffiti only tonight, and so, just before going to bed when i check email and PDC, i was more than surprised to see such a topic. Filthy genius? More like Psychic genius! We, however, were talking about graffiti we ourselves had done. I remember a rather large DELP SIMON & TOBBY 2002 on some German loo wall with my funky purple pen. I'll get back to you with some graffiti on our library toilet doors at uni. Some of its rather disturbing, funny, but worrying.
Re: Re: Toilet Graffiti by Me again! on 2003-02-14 15:58:11  |  Reply to this
  Not as disturbing as the Bot Fly story, has to be said!
Re: Re: Re: Toilet Graffiti by want some info on 2004-04-13 23:10:49  |  Reply to this
  Fill me in on what you people are talking about Im not a cop eh I m not interested in gang bangers , just interesting points of view and perspectives.
Re: Toilet Graffiti by want to know on 2004-04-13 22:38:14  |  Reply to this
  fill me in on this shit