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Gammel Dansk anyone? by d.- on 2003-03-07 16:51:48

This stuff was just mentioned in a book I'm reading -- so I surfed to see if it was a real item. It is! I am intrigued because the author said (in character) that it had "a mild, hallucinogenic effect..." Anyone ever heard of it? Or tried it?

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Re: Gammel Dansk anyone? by The Voice on 2003-03-07 17:50:09  |  Reply to this
  Gammel Dansk: It seems to be a strong Danish drink (bitter dram{wine?}}.I fancy a drink right now! Would a dink have a hallucinogenic effect?(maybe).
Re: Re: Gammel Dansk anyone? by Kid on 2003-03-08 14:16:02  |  Reply to this
  On the drinks with h/genic effects front, Tori Amos has told of a south american berry drink that has massive properties like that...

Don't know if that clears things up any.
Re: Re: Re: Gammel Dansk anyone? by d.- on 2003-03-08 16:00:34  |  Reply to this
  Not really. Just from looking at the homepage gives me the feeling that Gammel Dansk is a wee bit pricey. Still, I'm intrigued. I hope to at least try some in the near future.

Re: Gammel Dansk anyone? by Wash! on 2003-03-08 15:47:14  |  Reply to this
  Screw South American berry drinks. My mate hallucinated a giant squirrel when he was pissed on beer as a youngster. Stand up Kid. I applaud you.
Re: Re: Gammel Dansk anyone? by Kid on 2003-03-08 16:17:39  |  Reply to this
  As a follow-on to this, I've been seeing/imagining things a lot of late.

A little fella running into one of our lectures for example. And then I daren't speak because I thought my mouth was full of herbs. I don't like it any more. Its not as fun as it was.

Re: Gammel Dansk anyone? by Chris Davies on 2003-09-12 09:18:00  |  Reply to this
  Guys, I'm not sure if any of you look at this anymore, but I have just returned from Denmark, where I have experimented with Gammel Dansk! It is true, the drink exists! It is a red liquid (kinda like a spirit) served in a small 'tequila glass?' (It looks like that anyway!) You down the drink in one, and you can feel it warm the lining of your guts and oesophegus as it travels down! It's great! And in one club it was only 2.20 (22krona) for a glass! Can't really go wrong!