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parent: Bios

Re: Bios by Wash! on 2003-03-09 09:34:17

Tommie, If by any chance it wasn't already clear... you rock! How you can sum up two people you've never actually met with such an accurate brief, i've no idea. Kid, indeed, is the skinny kid of the group, and yes, normally has very tall hair. I am indeed drinking my way accross France, it can be put in no other way. Recently been partying in Nantes, Lyon and Montpellier, but I try to make the effort wherever I go. I'm not much less skinny than Kid, but am less tall, so its less evident. I'm happily still a student, and would like it that way forever. Last year's my last year of my degree, but i hope to study another year in Spain after that. We'll see. This year i'm teaching English in a French high school, like a year out of my studies, though its compulsary for my degree. I will hopefully spend the summer learning Spanish in Barcelona. Oh, I'm a language student by the way. Spot on, Tommie. Top marks. Muchos respectos.

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