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new bio? by Lude on 2003-03-14 19:25:43

i was reading the bio post and i am bored[as always] so i thought i would put one up myself... maybe no one cares but bordem prevails. .....I am a senior in a catholique high school in canada [ and yet not religious in any sense...mostly agnostic]. I enjoy counter-culture music i.e. Husker Du [add in fancy symbols on the u's] Black Flag, DOA, [on the rock side] Fugazi, The Datsuns[ new and hip ahah ] etc..... so yea i am pretty much liking that stuff... and yet trying ot defend my originality when everything seems to be trying to copy the style of the masters of the genre we call "punk".... anyways i am pretty proud of my hair. i am trying ot grow it into an L-cut .. so right now its shaved to 1/16 on the sides and the back and growing to my eyebrows on the top [eventually will be at my chin].. my brother hates it and says i look like a spanish gangster or something ahahah anyways i am a net junky and liek stumbling on interesting sites like this one... mostly becaus i want to know stuff that my "friends" don't. I gues you could say i am going through that "angst" stage of life and it sucks balls. anyways i am being kicked off now so i am glad whoever read this completely, took the time

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