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Re: Bios by JohnnyG on 2003-03-15 10:31:47

I live in Austin located in central Texas. I was born in San Antonio and was raised alongside wild cattle, sheep and Mustangs. It was an experiment in character development said mother recently. All kidding aside, I was the recipient of extremely high amplitude electroshock therapy sessions as a child and the process, besides being horrific torture, had a positive impact on my reasoning and cognitive abilities to the surprise of the sadistic doctors and the electric company. Ok,ok,ok...for real now. Raised & schooled through 12th grade in San Antonio. Youngest of 9. Attended the University in Austin (you know the one, begins with a capital t) Handed a Bachelor of Science degree one day, thought to myself "That was easy, why not stick around for more fun & learning". 3 years later received another fancy document which confirmed I'm some sort of Master in a field of engineering where electric current is channeled through silicon and resisted and transisted all over the tiny little place. Work for an Austin company that designs the equipment that makes the equipment that allows for those wonderfully useful positive ions to travel even more places and do more fun things with the numbers 0 and 1. I have 2 dogs, both Corgis. A girlfriend of 4 months who's the sexiest nerd I've ever dated and who illustrates childrens books, designs web art and is quite good with watercolor paints. I travel in my field of work. Mostly quick stops in Asian countries where silicon chips are manufactured. Then to designer chip architect companies in Europe and a few cities in the US. Why, I've even been to England where some brilliant engineers happen to reside. Watch out for those German cats, they have some smarty pants I've met in Dresden (of all places) and they are gut yahh.

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Re: Re: Bios by Kid on 2003-03-19 01:03:43  |  Reply to this
  Is that the same Austin, Texas that features very much on the inner limits of the outer rim of my life? One of my friends mum's is from Austin, and sounds more Texan than I believed was possible. Maybe its because she's out of place, y'know. And then I have a sunset in Austin, Texas as my wallpaper on my computer. (No, really. Its like a little red sun setting behind a hill. Actually, maybe its a sunrise. Its certainly Austin, Texas, because I just had to reload it with a new Windows Theme).

By the bye, resistors are cool. Better than any of those capacitor cretins.
Re: Re: Re: Bios by JohnnyG on 2003-03-28 19:49:17  |  Reply to this
  Austin City Limits is a public broadcasting specialty and has been for some time now. The show features Texan musicians, country acts and the blues rock styles of Stevie Ray and Jimmy Vaughn. Stevie Ray has a life size statue on the grounds of the Town Lake hike&bike trail silhouetting the Austin city skyline, remarkably tasteful for this neck of the world and awesomely beautiful for those such as myself who really appreciate the artistry of guitar centric musicians. His death, untimely as it was, solidified him as a true guitar legend. Anyway, back to your comment which brought to fore the thoughts of the tv show. Yes, I am located in the inner limits of Travis county, lone Texas bastion of free-thinkers and liberal politics within the state. Proud of this fact and enjoy the tremors produced from the rumbling of the few jolting the simplemindedness of the many. The sunsets are spectacular here. There are certain spots which accentuate the beauty of an unobscured setting sun here in Austin and my favorite is Mt. Bonnel. In Texas we consider a height of 890ft above sea level a Mount, not a mountain, just a Mount. Silly but effective in getting the gears of the mind to think more precisely within the grey area of geography(I suppose). Eccentric folks dominate the landscape as much as the topography dictates and dominates the attitudes of these eccentric folks. Back to the sunset. I have spent long afternoons atop Mt. Bonnel watching the sun set, downing Pacifico and or Bohemia Mexican beers. People who partake in the smoking of mild strains of marijuana occasionally share their harvest with you and the camraderie of a city which is as unpretentious as any I have ever visited becomes a part of the natural 'flow' of things. Today was one of the most beautiful of afternoons. I spent the hours between 4pm and 7pm in the Bull Creek greenbelt hiking the trails with a purty gal and enjoying a temp of 60F with not a cloud in the sky. Kid, I am pleased to the max you have an Austin sunset gracing your computer screen. Though nothing compares to the actual experience of it you and any of our fellow Brits have an open invitation to visit. And yes, I will keep the resistance of electrical current at the forefront of what I consider hot but cool.