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Re: Bios by Amelia on 2003-03-17 03:04:33

I hail from Northern California, where I went to high school with our four-lettered host. For the past ten years I have lived in New York City, though I spent the mid-1980s in Italy. I work for a Big Publishing Company; you student types may well have used some of my textbooks in your computer science courses. I like word games, art history, and travel. I'm really not that big a fan of "I Love Lucy" as all that, but the names of the principals fit the character frequency on WormNerd, which is skewed by its basis on overall usage of letters in English, and not on their appearance at the beginnings of words. I was right chuffed to meet Tommie and Dot last year on their trip to New York -- they are one cool couple, always ready for adventure, but with those gracious manners of the old south. They still haven't convinced me to get any tattoos, though.

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