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parent: Bios

Re: Bios by Wash! on 2003-03-17 05:36:20

Sadly (I say that) none of us are computer science students. And we generally tend to look down on them where I go to uni. Not coz what they do is toilet, just because, as a people, they are twats! However, our views over here in England of people who work in the production of their textbooks is generally of a high standard, basically based on our knowledge of you, Amelia. Anything that keeps the computer science people inside their homes is something to regard highly.

If any of you are computer science people, or aspire to be one(Lude?), what i said is just a generalisation of a few pricks who I know at uni, all of who study the aforementioned subject. There are always exceptions.

Ha - can't sue me now, can yoU!


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Re: Re: Bios by Kid on 2003-03-17 05:39:09  |  Reply to this
  I very much like what you did there, with your 'However....'. I agree entirely. Apart from the pricks bit, I would go with jackasses.