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parent: Cutting Edge Art [Insert Here].

Re: Cutting Edge Art [Insert Here]. by Lude on 2003-03-17 19:49:50

quote : " I don't know about you...but I was expecting a review of an art show that someone went to, and it hadn't arrived this evening." i think you are reffering to me and that film thingy i went to.. and if you are not then ...whatever.. it still reminded me to explain what went down. ANyways so me and my friend show up and the camera ppl are setting up and practicing their pan motions across teh gathering audience. I have to say when the camera hits you and you show up on that monitor... you become SO self-aware its crazy. but yea.. then it started off, the lights went down and teh projection screen light up. The first short was a monologue of this one guy semi-crying and smoking complaining about his life and things. It was interestng because it was sped up at parts and slowed down at others to stress certain points. then the evening took a surprising turn when teh next film abotu female ejaculation started.. it mainly consisted of shots of flowres and then women masturbating. the next two or three were about sexuality etc.. sometimes using graphic content to get reactions from the crowd.. So, the evening was continuing like this and was not bad but not good... until this one film began, It was completely hand-held and the shot consisted of the mid-section of what appeared to be a man, so it was shaky and off angle [which i think added to teh immediacy of the whole film] but it consisted of this man using regular scissors to cut into his first layer of flesh.. where he would then use tweezers to pull fat out of that hole and then cut off varying sizes of the fat. After a fair amount was cut out.. he would then place the harvested fat on to a stick and then burn it. To say teh least it was amazing and shocking all at once. And there was NO room for camera trickery which was the scary part. there were some GREAT reactions indeed. All in all i think the experience was a worth while one. the films made me think about certain issues that i have never bothered to think of before. And the constant eye of the night-vision cameras amplified teh experience into a state of self-contemplation. Anyways i ahve typed way too much even though i really shortened the account.. but what a night it was!

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