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parent: al gore - crack whore?

Re: al gore - crack whore? by Wash! Bosh! on 2003-03-22 05:10:24

We're in the paper today. Has a big box on the front page telling us to turn to page 5 to read the views of 2 English, 1 Spanish, and 1 American living in the town. Then we've a big picture, and a good 5 paragraph article! Sadly, despite my efforts, the Al Gore bit was not included. I did get mentioned for hiding my worry behind a "so british" humour! Nie work i thought. I purposefully didn't say much due to the sensitivity of the subject, especially as i'm a bit of a public eye figure at the moment. (bigging myself up a bit there, but you know what i mean, working in a high school in a smallish town).

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