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parent: Help a dummy

Up periscope! by d.- on 2003-03-24 17:26:07

And just which submarine have you been on exactly? Anywho... glad you've emerged from the depths! Ahoy! Tatey! *** I concur that you do indeed suck at graphics! -- what's there now is a little stark. And (ok)bland. I like your banner idea though. But please, PLEASE!!! don't do any cheesy animation. I just thought you might be tempted... *** I do support your "Der Regime" change campaign! Problem is, it was a 'hostile takeover' to begin with! Which, of course, makes the term 'election' redundant! *** Oh -- there's a popular kids book character called "Captain Underpants" i.e. the "Extra-Crunchy Book O'Fun!" edition. And perhaps "Professor Poopypants" could be the running mate? *** Remember hearing that Bush Sr. was shocked and went into deep depression when he WASN'T re-elected? *** I believe the proper expression would be: lame duck.

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