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parent: Help a dummy

Re: Help a dummy by George Sr. on 2003-03-25 23:27:56

I was a happy camper losing that election and don't you put words in my mouth. I am rich. How could I then be depressed like you are Mr. d? My son is doing what is required to make life interesting,creating tension in day to day lving thereby defining what is important in the lives of those who support and or oppose a war in Iraq. Before the war what did people consider important? Making money? Childern? How many pints of Harps or Bass they could consume in an hour? How much pot thaey could smoke before passing out? Now they know that life is defined by death ultimately. Death is the ultimate ticket out of suffering. At the time of your death you will never know you ever existed and the relevance of alcohol consumption and sexual conquests will be made undeniably irrelevant. Does this give you hope in life???? Good!

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Re: Re: Help a dummy by d.- on 2003-05-11 13:30:36  |  Reply to this
  Now listen up #41 !!! -- Your approval rating was sky-high (90% or thereabouts) right before re-election... and still you lost!! Your son's going dowwwnnnnnn! (heh.)