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Fingers Crossed, Eh? by Kid on 2003-03-30 13:31:50

Well, guys...here is the news. At 5pm today, the 7-a-side team for whom I play reached the final of the cup in which we compete. On Friday, at 3pm, we play the final. We are, roughly enough, expected to narrowly lose the final. However, we hope not to.

In short,
1: http://www.uea-fa.com
Muriel's Wedding
will be up for the proverbial cup. Wish me luck guys.

*Curses his tempting of fate*

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Re: Fingers Crossed, Eh? by Skiddy on 2003-03-31 01:12:14  |  Reply to this
  Good luck my friend. A couple of tips: 1.Use your superior height 2.Mix it up. in my experience, getting the opposition rattled can give you that slight edge you need 3.Have a bang...if you don't shoot, you can't score. As Roy Evans one said..."I think Stan is going to be huge for us" but i realise that is completely irrelevant unless you have managed to coax stan "the dream" collymore out of retirement. Anyway, best of luck. Write a full match breakdown for us after the game
Re: Fingers Crossed, Eh? by Wash! on 2003-03-31 03:02:44  |  Reply to this
  Awesome! And great results against them in the league too! Sounded like a thriller! Disappointed not to see any Kid photos on the website though! Maybe we'll get one of you lifting the cup having scored the winner! Skiddy's right: Have a bang, keep the shots low, and keep the ball! Just keep the f**kin' ball! Its often quite the advantage to be expected to loose. You can do it, boy! And you will!
Re: Fingers Crossed, Eh? by JohnnyG on 2003-03-31 10:56:50  |  Reply to this
  You are now permitted to banana kick that f*#king ball. Score more goals than the opponent and I'm pretty damn sure your going to win. If you receive a yellow or red card I will laugh until I'm out of breath and so now then good luck!
Re: Fingers Crossed, Eh? by Wash! on 2003-04-05 09:32:21  |  Reply to this
  I spy with my little eye something beginning with a big haired Kid on the above link, standing in a line as the UEA-FA Cup Anthem is played before the final. Good to see you, and i'll see you in the flesh a week today!

"By the bye" anybody want me to give him a hug for you? If so, let me know, and it will be carried out in a totally heterosexual manner when we meet next week.