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root: A blast from the past!

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Re: Re: A blast from the past! by Kid on 2003-04-01 04:22:55

Pain au chocolat? Is that the friendly version of death by chocolate? Nah, I'm just kidding you1! I miss fresh pains, I really do. I ought to leave the house once in a while. Or make my own. Or something.

1. It came from Bender of Futurama fame...I think, but I do overuse it.

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Re: Re: Re: A blast from the past! by Wash! on 2003-04-01 13:24:20  |  Reply to this
  Loved it! Depending in what frame of mind i'm in, i often make mistakes with that word. It works both ways, eng-fre and fre-eng. Like, i would read Derek Pain and read Pain with the accent of a good french bread. And another day i would easily read Pain fraiche, like a newly produced beating round the skull.