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root: A blast from the past!

parent: Re: Re: A blast from the past!

Re: Re: Re: A blast from the past! by Wash! on 2003-04-02 07:21:55

Congrats, Kid. Amelia: May utter shame rain down on you!! Whatever happened to the typical french boulangerie, producing their gorgous Derek Pain au Chocolat? When in Rome... don't go "Chez McDo"! I can see why ordering a Croque McDo is amusing though. I havent tried it yet, i'm informed that you can get a classy "ham n cheese McToasty" or something in England though.. Can't wait. Really looking forward to it! (Excuse the sarcasm.) By the way, Amelia, watch out for the millions of people swarming like flies on Waterloo underground. And enjoy the clock. If you can't find it just look, its "UP THERE, MATE! Tarrah!

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