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should a kid that is 17 years old play for England by Wash! on 2003-04-02 17:26:41

Yes. But the reason i'm writing this is co the newspaper website i read from frace doesn't give me chance to express my opinion when things DO go England's way! Sure, if England lost tonight, we'd be hearing NOTHING BUT should the manager get the sack, but instead, we hear nothing but the belle performance that was England tonight, and nothing else maters in the world. I'm SOOOOOOOO *FOR* keeping Sven, but the duality of the press REALLY irritates me at times. All respect should go to our team. Instead, its gone half to our team who beat 3rd in the world, and half to the few bastards who caused crowd trouble during the match. CONNARDS!!!! If we'd have played just as well and drawn, unluckily, Sven would probably have been sacked. Fucking annoys me. He's THE man who has a chance of leading us to glory. Yet Sunny fucking McMirrorson's just go with the flow. Bitches. Anyway, Sorry to have bored you with my slightly pissed rant, but as The Sun didn't give me the chance, as it isnt in the favour of the ever-moaning grumbling sad depressive wanking public, i didnt have the chance to express my voice publically. I've lost where i'm upto. Non-footy fans, ignore this post. English footy fans, make an effort to understant moi! Wash! Burracho!

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Re: should a kid that is 17 years old play for England by Wash - the morning after. on 2003-04-03 04:02:32  |  Reply to this
  I have no recollection of writing that message.