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parent: Ginger buggers....

Re: Ginger buggers.... by Handsome man on 1999-09-27 20:05:58

My girlfriend is a ginge. I have always found her attractive, but having heard what youve said, the truth finally has come to me. Im dating a ginge. What the hell is going on here. Have i lowered my standads so much that i can date even a ginge. I feel so. First thing tonigh, my girfriend is going...all the way to Canada. Dont date a ginge. Im handsome enough to date a regular blonde or brown coloured hair girl, even jet black, and i intend to do so next time I venture to Volts, my local nightclub. Thing is last time, it was dark at Volts, and i couldnt tell that she was a ginge till I took her home, and when i got her in the sac, it was too late. What if the johnny broke, what if she gets pregnant, what if we have a ginger kid! It my fault, its alllllllll my fault. STAY AWAY FROM GINGERS. HIGHLY DANGEROUS!

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