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THE UEA-FA CUP FINAL by Muriels Wedding Big Day Arrives! on 2003-04-04 04:00:34

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Match report to follow...

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Match Report by Kid on 2003-04-05 08:09:26  |  Reply to this
  Cup Final day is always a special occasion, and this proved no exception. The sunny morning, without a cloud in the sky was perfect setting for a tour of Norwich for a Muriel's team who were to play their final game that afternoon. After then going to hand in dissertations and print out those final essays, the Wedding reconvened at 4pm for their pre-match pitch inspection and warm-up, before the expected kick-off at 4.30. However, only one of NTM had turned up by this point - they know him as Steven Gately - and though they flowed in slowly, the game was not to start until 5.40 due to traffic, and the transportation of the cup - Mr. Parson's insisting that we didn't start without it. And rightly so.
The teams then, took the field to the UEA:FA anthem, and, in the hazy afternoon sunlight the game kicked off. NTM had the better of a scrappy first half, your beloved Kid clearing off the line from John Dyer, who scored the last-gasp winner in the league game, but, following that exertion and a very strange 30 yard down the line through-ball, Kid had to leave the field for Banj, as he began to spit blood.
The second half started with a little aggro between Muriel's defender Tim, and Amin - the latter of whom riled the former with a strong challenge. But it was not all plain sail during the second half for NTM, with hot property Tarry dominating his man-marker, and linking so well with Official Man Of The Match Mondal, it was Mondal who found a yard of space around ten yards out to strike the ball into the top corner, and much joy was seen by the crowd, of easily 20 people. However, this joy was short-lived, as Tom Perry, who had scored against Muriel's at the weekend for Glandchester Caledonian put another past Rich, who had otherwise been amazing for the Wedding. The worry on the sidelines was that Muriel's would crumble under such pressure, but the team dug in, and a couple of minutes later, Tarry won a corner for the team. Despite his diminutive height, Mondal managed to creep onto Tim's cross, and planted his header into the back of the net. This time, NTM were done, and despite a late onslaught of Rich's goal, the Wedding bells were ringing by the time the final whistle went. Though the whistle was actually blown for a throw-in, and the joy premature.

A few seconds afterwards, though, the official final whistle was blown, and the fans ran on to congratulate Mondal, and lift him into the air.

Post-match celebrations went on long into the night, with all the team drinking heavily, and the cup being much-coveted by all our rivals. Of course, the traditional cup winners parade took place today, down to the bookies, with Mondal's Indian flag taking pride of fluttering place.

So all together for the Wedding! We won the cu-up, we won the cu-up, no time for NTM, cos we won the cu-up.....yesterday.
I'd like to give a heads up to our team throughout the season who contributed.

Dan (goal-keeper extroardinaire until his broken finger)
Rich (powerful midfielder and great stand-in keeper)
Matt (Brilliant organiser at the back, and good going forward)
Fergus (Great control, great ball-winner)
Tim (Flying wing-back, great confidence in the team)
Krish (Early season goal threat, back with a bang)
Big John (Hot property)
Little John (Dependable trickster to call on as needed)
Remis (Good midfielder, great engine)
The Bull (A rock)
Banj (Great utility player)

And the other 4 or so players, too..a great end to a great season.

Re: THE UEA-FA CUP FINAL by Skiddy on 2003-04-06 01:36:00  |  Reply to this
  Good good news my friend. It's always been one of my dreams to lift a cup and you've done it. Never forget this day!!