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parent: The funniest word in the world is......

Re: The funniest word in the world is...... by Jen on 2003-04-21 20:43:41


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Re: Re: The funniest word in the world is...... by Kid on 2003-04-22 01:28:46  |  Reply to this
  A shiny penny to you, great word 'spork' is. Great word. Nice.
Re: Re: The funniest word in the world is...... by Mad Molly on 2003-04-22 03:46:21  |  Reply to this
  God help me, this reminds me of a passage from a book called, I think, The World of Star Trek, by Whitfield -- long out of print I'm sure. Very cool book for budding Trekkies, containing a lot of behind-the-scenes memos from the beginning of the show. Anyway, one series of memos involved the decision on what to name Kirk's Vulcan sidekick. They'd decided that all the men's names were 5 letters long and started with S. A naming war ensued, during which the production executives fired memos back and forth creating long lists of names and making fun of other people's lists. But my favorite list ended something like... "...Spook, Speek, Splik, Spork, Spock, and Roddenberry." Another humorous note: Staring at me from the kitchen windowsill right now is Sporky, a cylindrical plastic smoothie container from a street fair. Its top is a cutesy zebra-head with a straw-hole in the temple and a frightening, bland smile. Even visitors with unflappable demeanor can't help laughing when I hold this creature up to them and say in a maniacally cheerful voice, "Look, this is Sporky!" Cracks 'em up every time.