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Re: Re: Re: Bios by Wash! on 2003-04-30 23:58:05

OK, what's with these names? Del Pioli, Marco, and Gareth! Who are these people??
I'm not actually Skiddy, but close!
Who the hell are you?

I wear silver boots. The 'A' team are as good as Emley, i play for the C's. I do have a tendancy to injure players of late! Seriously, i'd avoid me! In the past two games, in challenges with me, a guy tore his hamstring, i elbowed a guy, twatted a ball in a guys face, stamped on a guys foot, where it joins the ankle, but to mention a few!!!! Nothing malicious, just committment!

And spiking drinks?? I'm confused on that one! Seriously, whose? where? and when? That's not my style.

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