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root: Piercings and tatoos!

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Re: Re: Re: Piercings and tatoos! by tommie on 2003-05-05 12:09:12

Oh, boy! This is my specialty! On my left leg I have a brightly colored tattoo of Our Lady of Guadaloupe that stretches from my ankle to just below my knee; she stands on a crescent moon supported by a skeletonized cherub. My left arm has two: First is a simple Maori sun image; the second is a dripping heart with a flaming top. On my right arm is a collage that has an atom in the middle, around which is wrapped an abstract yellow and green centipede that extends over my shoulder, all filled in with a blue and black background; beneath all of that is a double helix DNA that encirles my arm. I have two piercings on my left ear. The first is actually a double, which is a 1 1/2 inch 16 gauge bar that goes through the top of the ear, in through the front then out through the back. The second is a single hole right below the back of that (still close to the top) through which I usually wear a 1/2 in ring. More to come!

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