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Im In town by Kid on 2003-05-09 15:01:31

And a touch pissed. More later

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Re: Im In town by Wash! on 2003-05-09 16:00:16  |  Reply to this
  Pissed comments on PDC: thats just shocking!! I presume you're in a cyber cafe. Let us know all soon, and get your diary back up n running! Went to a rock concert tonight, ended up entertaining 7 of my female former-students! Luvly!
Re: Im In town by RIngo* on 2003-05-09 16:45:05  |  Reply to this
  I too am more than a little pissed. Finsihed uni today, YEY! Only git exams left than im all free. If this makes no sense, blame alcohol
Re: Re: Im In town by Wash! on 2003-05-10 01:40:43  |  Reply to this
  ...or Canada!
Re: Im In town by Kid on 2003-05-10 04:04:05  |  Reply to this
  I was only a touch pissed, and I was in a phone box. I only wanted to mention how posh the guy I was with was, and he was the poshest person I've ever met. Imagine drinking with a person who started every other sentence with the words "Gads, sir...." or a guy who legitimately bet 20,000 that he will get round the world faster than his friend...crazy night. But was quite sober. And I will diary later on...