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We are football (soccer) gods! by Skiddy on 2003-05-19 00:06:19

Hey everybody, We all read about the wonderful final victory by Kid about a month ago and most recently the progress to a final by the man Wash! so now Skiddy has to get in on the act. On saturday, i oversaw our college team's promotion to the top division at our uni, with all the uni first team players. And what a way to do it! In order to lull the opposition into a false sense of security, we allowed them to establish a 3-0 lead by the end of the first half (we needed to win to be promoted), though there was in brief highlight for our team as i grazed the post with a volley. After a less than inspiring team talk by our shite captain, we set out for the second half with fire in our bellies and steel in our hearts, and for 45 mins, we played like gods! The final score...5-4 to us. Apparently one of the largest comebacks in uni history, the only team to win from 4-0 down. Respect to all the lads and what a result for my final ever game before graduating. Pendle rule!!

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Re: We are football (soccer) gods! by Kid on 2003-05-19 00:12:10  |  Reply to this
  *Shakes finger in pointing position*

You guys rule! Nice work. Promotion, and everything. Did you get any Opta points? Assists? Goals? That kind o' thing? Any Nobby Stiles-esque dancing at the end?
Awesome.. I owe you a hug, dude.
Re: Re: We are football (soccer) gods! by Skiddy on 2003-05-19 23:55:44  |  Reply to this
  OPTA TEAM STATS: GOALS: 25 (in 8 games.) GOALS CONCEDED: 11 FINAL POINTS: 18, SKiDDY PERSONAL STATS: APPEARANCES: 8 GOALS: 0 (but a record 13 strikes of the woodwork) ASSISTS: 1, TACKLES PER GAME: 5.6, PASS COMPLETION: 73%, HEADERS PER GAME: 7.3. BOOKINGS: Yellow: 2, Red: 0 A good season, just would have liked a goal!

Re: We are football (soccer) gods! by Wash! on 2003-05-19 04:57:02  |  Reply to this
  Match report, as requested by Skid-meister, or was it Kid? Anyway…

Well, we could have gone one up after about 19 seconds alla Arsenal! But all Southampton it was saved. However, before long, our pressure, and our tactics of playing the ball up to the speedy skilful 17 year old forward (alla Liverpool) paid off, as he netted before half time, slightly offside, but who cares!

About halfway through the second half, from a corner, the opposition equalised, and it was back to square one. However, we knew we could win it. I hit the crossbar, we had a shot cleared off the line, and about 10 minutes before the end, we were to see something spectacular. Following a high through ball, speedy youngster raced on to the end of it, got underneath it, and lifted it over the out coming keeper. The crowd, and players could by watch in awe as it lobbed the keeper, bounced, and hit the back of the net. Magnifique! We kept the lead, the kid could have had a hat-trick had he not been pulled down by the keeper on a one-on-one in the dying minutes (duly receiving a red card and causing a scuffle between ref, players, subs and coaches). The resulting free-kick went JUST wide, but it was all insignificant as the final whistle blew, and Guéret reached the final of La Coupe de la Creuse!

A piss-up inevitably followed, starting with 2 bottles of champagne in the dressing rooms, a few beers at the ground, and then lots of Port at a the (Portugese) coach’s hosue!

Mighty Muriels Wedding! Perfect Pendle College! Grand Guéret!

A good season, boys! We merit a beer and collective hugs! Well played!