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deodorant (this isn't stupid...im not lying...) by iLikeHam on 2003-06-06 10:15:43

Ok...prepare to read sumthin that is NOT stupid. *cough* Ya, so why is it that a lot of deodorant sticks or whatever say "anti-perspirant and deodorant" on them? Because there is no reason why someone would need both things. If the anti-perspirant was doing its job then there would be no perspiration and so there wouldn't be too much smell so you wouldnt need any deodorization. And something else that bothers me about deodorant is that they make a kind of it called Teen Spirit Stick. What's that about? Only stupid preppy whores would care about their pits smelling like Carribean Cool instead of Arm and Hammer. And why can't people smell natural? It's offensive the way they think we smell that bad and then to make a segregsation line between teen sweat and adult sweat. Anyway I'm sure someone out there is as pissed about this degrating establishment as I am. Reply!!! Muchos luv!

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