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parent: Happy Holidays!

Re: Happy Holidays! by Wash! on 2003-06-16 03:04:18

9 consectuive days pissed, and coming home at any time between 3am and 8.30am... Wash is now paying the price! Fatigue has hit, ive been on the BRINK of flue, but think i may have avoided it, and yesterday i slept 20 hours. Its so hot now too, it doesnt make illness nice. TO make staying at home better though, i have a new housemate, a 20 year old American lifeguard! Bring her on, Shibby! Time for a small break from fiesta, do some touristy stuff, and kick up the fiesta again towards the end of the week, i think! Adios, buddy´s. Wash, Barça

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