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parent: David Beckham an American idol????

Beckham an corporate idol? by Kid on 2003-06-23 00:14:51

I've heard many people say that he was not recognised in the states after his 'most important' career moment in 1998, he was simply 'that footballer who is married to a Spice Girl'. I like that. It would've been nice for him to get away, especially with West Ham fans burning representations of him at the time (He's popular again now). The British public, especially the Manchester United fans, seem to be reluctantly accepting his departure to Madrid; they know that he's..not exactly been forced out, but he's been left to sit with a door opened onto greener pastures, to see if he wanted to graze on them. It seems he didn't really, but he was starving at Old Trafford. Yes. A Kid-copyrighted Difficult Analogy.
So he's gone. That's happened. Will he be a success at Madrid? Yes. He'll win things often, he'll be playing with some of the best players in the world and Roberto Carlos, he'll make a lot of money for the club. But...it won't make Madrid that much better, as they can only play 11 men at a time...Beckham is no better or worse than, say Figo.
Is Beckham better than Ronaldo? His all-round game is, yes. He is the Quarterback to Ronaldo's Running Back. In fact, if I carry that further, Beckham has all the passing, all the 'big-plays', but he can't scramble. He cannot run the ball past a man at all. He's the real deal. (No. He's not Evander Holyfield. That would just be stupid). But...I prefer Zidane, who can do all of those things. Just me, like. My favourite player is Trevor Sinclair, so what do I know?

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Re: Beckham an corporate idol? by Kid on 2003-06-23 00:15:10  |  Reply to this
  I missed an 'R' somewhere. Sorry.