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parent: A decent topic...

Re: A decent topic... by Kid on 2003-08-31 15:49:40

Sorted then. Siena 2-2 Perugia

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Re: Re: A decent topic... by Kid on 2003-08-31 15:52:51  |  Reply to this
  Jay Bothroyd scored....

Papadopulo, however, does not succeed to rejoice too to long, because to ruin them the party Bothroyd hung us, attaching that also today showed excellent quality. The English giant itself attorney's office a ball to centrocampo, defends it, leaves like an arrow towards the of sienna door and pierces Generous Reds in exit. The first time is closed with the owners of house before for 2-1.

Free translations, eh? Dontcha just love 'em
Re: Re: Re: A decent topic... by Wash! on 2003-08-31 16:53:01  |  Reply to this
  Accurate as you like! By the way, weren't you meant to bea t a wedding today, not watching Italian football?