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parent: A decent topic...

Re: A decent topic... by d.- on 2003-09-06 15:14:17

Hey WASH!!! tell me HOW can you be so bored when you are jetting about here and there having adventures in foreign lands?!!??!!!? Some of us should BE so bored... Love, d.-

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Re: Re: A decent topic... by Kid on 2003-09-06 16:01:18  |  Reply to this
  OK, so I'm not Wash, but its good to see you back. I was (really) getting a bit worried for a little while. How can he get bored? He has a short span of attention, short little span of attention, and oh, his nights are so long... (sic)
Re: Re: Re: A decent topic... by d.- on 2003-09-07 15:11:53  |  Reply to this
  Hey Kid... this is what happens when group apathy sets in! Tater is so far in hiding his potatoe skin is starting to sprout, there in the pantry... Are you graduated? (or did you have one more year -- I forget). Tell me how you are, I have lost touch with people and am in need of practice! Writing is always good for this affliction, yes? d.-
Re: Re: Re: Re: A decent topic... by Kid on 2003-09-07 16:22:28  |  Reply to this
  Indeed, apathy is a big problem in communication - just check out my 'drafts' in my outbox, there's so many e-mails I've started and not finished. But, yes, I am now a graduate (you missed the fun 'graduant' part where nobody quite knew what I was) and have the authority to put letters after my name, which is all the fun, really.

Other than that, I'm good. I moved down to Norwich for another year today, but I'll be looking for work now, just something to pass the time until I can start looking for a 'proper' job in the winter back home. Other than that, its all good. Healthy debt accumulated, lots of televised sports watched, lots of old friends re-acquainted with, including your good self, I hope. How are you after your long absence? Any interesting developments you're willing to share with us? Must dash, I've football to find (that's the American sort, of course, the Britney Spears endorsed NFL is calling - and no, for me Britney is unnecessary for this role. I ought to have a rant, its my job. Who is Britney going to attract to the football fold who is not there already? Nobody, is my guess. Still, what do I know....I'm just a casual?) Ta-ra then.